Friday, April 28, 2006

Green am I

I only started to knit a year and a half ago. I took a introduction course and was able to complete a child size hat. Which I gave to a friend who had a newborn baby. I completed a second hat, this time intending to make it adult size to give to my boyfriend but the hat was way too small. I had obviously not counted the number of stitches I needed properly. After that, the summer came and I put away my knitting needles. Knitting seems to be a winter thing for me but hopefully that will change. For this past Christmas I once again got out my needles and made scarves for female relations and friends. It was great fun but I can't make scarves forever. I have one project a year and a half old, of a purse, that i have been putting off forever, since the wool is a bitch to handle. However i have gotten it back out and hopefully will have it completed within the next month. I will keep you posted.

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