Thursday, May 18, 2006

Thank you Secret Pal!

Today I received my first gift box from my secret pal. It's been raining like crazy the last couple of days. I got caught in the beginnings of a thunder storm yesterday when returning home from doing errands across town. I was drenched by the time I walked home from the streetcar but it was awesome. Anyways my point being that the post lady was kind enough to wrap the box in a plastic bag and hang it on the post box so that it escaped getting wet.

My secret pal is the best. Inside there was a Scraves of Hope-Knit for the Cure booklet, a scarf pattern printout, three skeins of yarn-two green and one multi-coloured(which by the way is the exact same dye lot and shade as the wool I plan to make my next jumper out of so I now have extra for mistakes-how ironic is that!), a kitten mug, a chick chocolates, "M" post it notes, and a couple of flower erasers. How cute! I love everything! And the box was covered with M&M stickers. THANK YOU!!!


cfknits said...

Or maybe you can have a scarf to match the jumper you are going to knit?! What a lovely box of goodies, you are so lucky!!! I have yet to receive my first gift, and have only sent my SP a very little something to be going on with, while I work out just what she'd like...Anyway, looks like your SP has really hit the nail on the head with you!

Tundra! said...

Well, it's good to see that I have sussed out your taste in yarn down to the dyelot! It's like a secret power.

Enjoy it!

Tammy said...

What a great package. Your SP is awesome.

Have fun with this round of SP8.
Your SP8 hostess, Tammy