Monday, June 26, 2006

Battle of the Chair

With two cats in the house, there is always a battle over something. Be it more food at 4:30 in the morning, or fresh water every few hours. Lately it has become the battle over who owns the desk chair. Me, who lugged it up the hill or Tuesday, who is using it as a bed. He is getting so possessive about it, a few times he has jumped onto the seat just as I am about to sit down myself. Here is a photo of our compromise. How long it will last is unknown.


Tundra! said...

It's even better when the chair is upholstered, because then you walk around all day with cat hair on your back and butt.

Have no fear - something will come for you in July - you deserve spoiling.


mjm knitting said...

I carry a mini lint roller in my handbag and there's always one or two in the apartment. Cat hair is the enemy!