Sunday, June 18, 2006

First Piece Finished

The mistake:

Guess what? Today I finished my first piece, the back of the jumper I am knitting. I am so excited. I made my first mistake that lasted for a few rows. I knitted two rows back to back thus changing the pattern so that instead of the bumps being on the inside of the jumper for three rows they are on the good side of the jumper. Yes I know I could have pulled it out and started over. Even the BF tried to convince me to do this, but because I am such a newbie knitter, I didn't want to ruin the garment any further. I corrected the mistake by knitting two rows again back to back and then continuing with the original pattern. Also I kind of like how the pattern changes and goes back. It makes it my own and one of a kind. Luckily enough for me I have been diligent in recording every row I knit and purl so I have marked where the mistake was made. This way when I get to the same point on the front piece of the jumper I can either make the same mistake again so that it will match the back, (which I am most likely to do) or continue with the original pattern. As the mistake is in the back I will never have to look at it, so what do I mind. I was also surprised that I used only one ball of yarn for the first piece. I guess because it is knitted on such larger needles. So if this piece took me four weeks to complete, the jumper should be completed in time for the cold winter that comes back to us in October. Just in time I imagine. Note: for those of you not used to the British term, (of which I have picked up many in the past couple of years thanks to the BF, not that I am complaining) when I say jumper I am referring to a sweater.

Second Piece Started:

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cfknits said...

Thanks for the offer of picking me up a Knit 1! I was about to take you up on it when a shop over here posted a comment on my blog saying they have some in stock, so I'll do that!

As for knitting two purl rows when you should be alternating knit and purl for stocking stitch (I am assuming that is what you are doing), instead of counting the rows back and forth and keeping tally, you should be able to just see when you turn the work whether you are supposed to be knitting 'bumps' or 'v's and that makes it easier not to make the mistake. When I was knitting Abe's jumper, I started the same way as you, but if you lose count or get distracted you make a mistake, if you just look at the knitting you've done so far you can see where you are. Its easier, trust me!

I'm afraid I'd be with your BF and I'd rip the mistake out, but then I'm a perfectionist and I like to repair the mistakes I've made (of which there are a great many!). You sound more like my Mum who likes to be creative with the mistake she has made and keep it in as character or a feature of the garment. I have to say, I think that this is how a lot of design features are found, so either way is good!

Oh and by the way, you'll be much faster when you knit the next bits, so you'll be done in no time!!!