Monday, July 24, 2006

Where's A Stylist When You Need One

An off-figure stylist that is, to make my new jumper look beautiful for it's reveal to the world. I like the new jumper, don't love it or hate it, but something just isn't making me as happy and I thought I'd be when I finally sewed the pieces together. Now I still have to do a light misting block to it, as recommended to me my upstream secret pal 8 girl, but first I have to get my hands on some of those bath mats mentioned on yvette's blog, and some rust proofed needles. The bell shaped sleeves are too big, which I kinda figured when casting them on. However it's my first jumper, the first in a long line of many, and hopefully after the first twenty or so, I will have it down to an exacte science.


Tundra! said...

I think it's cute! Are the sleeves too long or too wide?

cfknits said...

I'm so excited for you. Don't forget to be proud of yourself even if you aren't in love with it.

Plus, it will really change when you block it. I love wet blocking, but did a spray block myself last week and it worked really well too. I just spray, lay out on towels and tug wider all the bits that need to be tugged wider and scrunch in all the bits that are too wide. Oh and Ms Stoller suggests that first you tug the knitting at opposite corners to set the stitches, which seems to immediately pull all the naughty ones back in line. Then you just leave it till its bone dry (shouldn't take too long in Toronto heat) and get ready to meet an all new and improved jumper.

Oh and maybe put it somewhere the cats wont sit on it. I block bigger items like jumpers in nick's bathroom at mum and dads and shut the door on it till its done!

Anyway. Well done. From the picture you posted it looks like you did a good job!


Yvette said...

I like the wide bell sleeves. Embrace your inner Stevie Nicks! cfknits above advice sounds very good. Except, that there's no where the cats won't sit on it.

mjm knitting said...

The sleeves are a bit to wide but I can live with them. As for a place where the cats won't sit on it, we have a second bedroom/office where the cats aren't allowed inside except under supervised conditions so I can use that room to block the jumper.

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