Monday, August 14, 2006

Here I am

Don't call the hounds. I am about. I just haven't been in the mood to knit lately which is why I haven't been posting.

To be honest, I'm obsessed with a couple of books and that's been taking up all my extra curricular activities time. The first being Lily-Josephine by Kate Saunders, which I finished reading in four days. At the moment it's Frank McCourt's sequel to Angela's Ashes, called "Tis.

Also, I have coffeeshop compulsive disorder at the moment, trying to reach the required 100 posts minimum to join in their next round of "knitty sp" which starts in either September or October.

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Tundra! said...

There is the option on Knittyboard to "View posts since your last visit" at the top of the index. If you click on that, you can quickly scan through and not miss any interesting threads to which you might wish to contribute.

Some people click on the "view unanswered posts" regularly as well, to avoid people having orphan (i.e. zero responses) posts.