Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Favorite Colour Swap Package

My favorite colour swap package arrived today.
It was very exciting. Everything was wrapped beautifully, and it kinda felt like my birthday had come four months early.
The gal who was my spoiler is Jinxsa.
She grew up in Toronto and now lives in Alberta.
She sent the most wonderful package.
Thanks Jinxsa.
I love everything you sent.
Big Hugs!!!!

First of all I have to say, I got a great laugh over all the messages she wrote on the box. I took photos of them so you could read them yourselves. Lenix, (the cat) was very interested in the box, but that's because he loves tape or more specifically anything adhesive. Enough about the cat, forward ahead to the great gifts.

Freedom Wool which is 100% wool and can be felted. (Hee Hee) She mentioned a project in mind from knitpicks that she had for the wool and upon looking at it I will definitely be giving it a try. (That is if all is successful in getting the chunky cable purse pattern as I have to download Adobe Acrobat first.) Two balls of berrocco which is "specifically meant to be put away out of sight until the nasty part of winter...the February/March part. The nasty grey part of winter, where there is no colour." Those were the instructions she sent and I plan to follow them to the tee.

Animal Stuff-Cat calendars, cat key chain, doggie notebook and note paper.

Beautiful Stitch Markers that Jinxsa handmade.

Some vanilla scented potpourri, blue knitting needles, and beads. Okay I have to admit I am not sure if the white thing in this photo (that was wrapped in a transparent bag with a gold ribbon) is a bath bomb or soap. (HELP please!)

Chocolate Chip Cookie Candles, Which are in some holders already and are making the lounge smell DELICIOUS.

The best part are the things she handmade for me. If you look in the august archives of the favorite colour swap blog., Jinxsa had put a post up showing the beautiful crochet scarf she had made and asked us what we thought of it. I left a comment, saying that it looked fabulous and she should send it. And guess what? She did! And it's mine!!!!! As well she made me a "Lily of the Valley Perdita" and a crochet cloche. See the embroidery on the purse? Jinxsa did that! She is a very talented artist, and has inspired me to knit items for my spoilers in the next swaps I have signed up for.

Thanks again Jinxsa You did a great job spoiling me.


Jinxsa said...

Crap, knew I forgot something. It's handmade soap. Goat's milk, glyseryn, avacado, oatmeal and aloe. There are no artificial scents or colours. It's amazing wicked moisturizing! I made a bunch for my staff at Christmas and I had left overs. I knew I forgot something!

Glad you liked it. I sweated over my choices doubly so over the things I made ( but that's natural).

Also as Spoo slept in the box (with Sam) and Mr. Muff and Ohbz both OWNED it -just cheek rubbins-it's not a shock that Lenix was all interested in it!

Glad you enjoyed!

mjm knitting said...

awesome! soap that you made yourself! wow! thanks jinxsa.

Yvette said...

Awesome package! Lucky you. I particularly like the blue needles.

LadyLungDoc said...

You know, we go to all the trouble of buying [or even knitting]fancy schmancy cat beds, when all we really have to do is go to the grocery store and get a box.


Jinxsa said...

Dude, those paper bags! My cats will live in them. One at dragged it to the cat box when he had to pee so the other cats wouldn't be able to steal it (they did of course).

Dipsy D. said...

Awww, what an amazing package you received! The yarn is so beautiful, especially the one on the left, and all those animal things, wow! Now, a day can't go wrong when it brings such goodies with it, can it? ;)

Batty said...


And I love your kitty. Such an adorable little critter!

Louise said...

look forward to seeing what produce with the freedom yarn.