Friday, October 13, 2006

BOO-tastic parcel

I joined the Spooky/Fall Swap, hosted by Knittyboard Coffeeshop member, Egeria.

My Spooky pal sent me this box full of wonderful surprises.
I waited over twenty four hours after it's arrival before opening the lovely decorated box, to savor the reveal process. However, I was so excited to open it, I forgot to take photos of the wonderful wrapping job my pal did.

Inside were some creepy but fake spiders. The white ones which may be a tad difficult to see but they glow in the dark.
Some mango passionfruit tea. A ghost memo clip, a pattern for a sirdar shawl and a lovely ball of sirdar blue with kid mohair wool. The best was the poem she enclosed on spooky paper with a cinnamon infused seal.

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Jinxsa said...

A spooky swap, jeez way not to hook me up, here. Your supposed to be my swap connection. Who else do I have to rely on..? ;>