Thursday, October 19, 2006

Who can ignore a contest?

My hostess for SP9 Shelby. has posted a contest for her group.
Here is my list of favorites.

Actor - Johnny Deep
Actress - Kate Winslet
Animal -kittens and puppies
Band - Stars
Book - Lunar Park (Bret Easton Ellis)
Bubble Bath - Radox (but only when in the UK)
Candy - Fuzzy Peaches
Color - Blue
Drink- Vodka Tonic
Flower - Roses
Food - Mexican
Lip Balm - Lancome Juicy Tube Mango
Lotion - Cetaphil
Movie - Love Actually
Place- Dorset UK
Song - Ice Cream by Sarah McLachlan
TV Show - Grey's Anatomy
Yarn- anything that's soft
Vacation Spot - .Ireland

1 comment:

Carla said...

Stars is my favourite band, too!