Thursday, December 14, 2006

Christmas Hats

The lovely Lisa, who was my secret pal in round 8, sent me this gorgeous merino hat. It's beautiful. I love it. There's no way I'm leaving this baby at home while away on holiday. It's perfect for the damp UK weather. Thank you so much!

Now if only I could make one for the bf. This is how the one I was working on turned out. It's just a tad too small in the overall length of the hat and much too thin for our cold canadian winter. (Which by the way has yet to happen) So it will be frogged and reworked with two strands of yarn sometime in the future. Perhaps in time for Christmas 2007. Anytime sooner will be a miracle.


pink.vegan said...

More beautiful blue knits! I met Lisa at the Knitalong.

mjm knitting said...

yup you did. she put up a post on her blog about the hat yesterday.