Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Little Pet Peeve

In Canada, Colinette Giotto yarn is sold for $31.95/skein.
In Britain the same skein is sold for £6.95

In Canada, Colinette Point Five, Shimmer Five, Zanziba and Fandango yarn is sold for $26.95/skein.
In Britain the same skein is sold for £5.70, £5.50, £5.80, and £6.00 respectively.

Can you hazer a guess as to which country I will be purchasing any Colinette yarn???

What bollocks!!!!!


Anonymous said...

If I calculate right it is twice as expensive in canada as here in UK? I suppose thats because they are a British company. Hope all is well. Ur parcel is off to postit today 24hr delivery. Expect it for definite on Friday! SP9

mjm knitting said...

yup, twice as expensive if not almost three times.

ooohhh can't wait for my parcel to arrive. i am so excited. what's even better is that the post is delivered twice a day here in the uk (as compared to once in canada) as well as on saturdays.

Batty said...

Gee, I don't know... Zimbabwe?

Colinette is insanely expensive over here. The only way I was able to afford it was when I accidentally walked into a 40% off sale at the LYS across the street from where I used to work.

LadyLungDoc said...

I picked up a few skeins of giotto in Palm Springs last february on clearance. Still trying to decide what to make with them (other than the obvious clapotis), since I've only done one thing with ribbon yarn, and that was a clapotis. They are incredibly beautiful, though.

So when are you coming back to the land of overpriced colinette yarns, anyways?

mjm knitting said...

Back in the land of below zero temperatures and snow next Monday. Today is the first really cold day I've experienced here in the UK this time around, mostly due to the crazy wind.