Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Today, we went for a walk along the beach in Seatown, Dorset. It was a wonderfully sunny day despite the wind, which doesn't seem to be disipating at the moment. Just a sign of global warming I supose.

Another favorite hobby of mine, is collecting rocks from the beaches I walk along, be it in northern Ontario, or here in the UK. I come back from my travels and more often than not will fill a mason jar full of rocks. Today was the same as any other day at the beach. Most of my time was spent looking down at the rocks instead of up at the soarring clay cliffs above. I spotted a very intersting rock today. It's heart shaped, and I can't wait to include a photo of it for your viewing pleasure.

As for knitting, I am debating whether or not to sign up for the second round of favorite color swap. I had a fabulous time in the first round, but was planning on taking a break after the current round of sp9 ends. What to do? Since it's only a month long in length with only one fabulous package to send, I do believe I will be filling in the participation form after posting this entry.


Tinkerbell And Squidge said...


We are just bimbling through some blogs, we alighted here and peeked.

So in a general show of manners we stopped to say "Hello and TTFN for now"

Crochet cramp has brought us here tonight!

Carla said...

Heart shaped is my favourite! Show us when you get back. Have fun!

Batty said...

I do the same thing! Have done it ever since I was old enough to walk, in fact! We have jars and jars of rocks I've picked up all over the place. In retrospect, I wish we'd written down where they all came from, though...

I really like the round ones. Rocks with holes in them are fun too.