Tuesday, March 20, 2007


This seems a bit like overreacting on my part but I can't seem to be able to touch base with Shelley, my downstream pal from SP8. She owns an online knitting store, www.countryvariety.com, which doesn't seem to be working, her blog has been deactivated and the emails i've sent have bounced back. It has been a few months since we last talked so I hope everything is alright with her and her family. She has a wonderful husband, two great boys and a beagle named Emma. Shelley if you still read my blog, and see this post, please let me know that you and your family are okay.

MARCH 21st- Just to clarify, I have done a google search for Shelley, and have come up with no current information. Which lead me to posting this entry yesterday.


Holly said...

Have you tried a Google search for your online friend? Sometimes that can give you a path to find someone.

Good luck......

mjm knitting said...

Yes I have with no luck.