Monday, June 18, 2007

Summer Knitting Goals Update

Here is my list of summer knitting goals.

1. Secret Project (French Market Bag) √ DONE
2. Gryffindor Socks for Jinxsa √ DONE
3. Second Pair of Socks for me Started
4. Clapotis for me
5. Bolero Baby Sweater and Hat for friends (x2)
5A-1)Baby Hat Started
5A-2)Baby Bolero
5B-1)Baby Hat
5B-2)Baby Bolero

Additional Goals

6. Twisted Rib Hat √ DONE
7. Feather and Fan Evening Scarf Started
8. Pink Dream in Color Shrug
9. Blue Dream in Color Shrug

Not to bad-so far. My original summer knitting goal post was published May 16th and today is June 18th. I've also added to the list of goals as I go on. I will be dead excited when my Ravelry invite arrives. I hear it lets you keep track of your projects-past, present and future. I think I will give monthly updates with this list until the summer ends to see how I progress. If it seems to keep me on track a bit, I may continue with the monthly updates indefinitely.

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