Friday, August 31, 2007

A stash to envy

The next time, your dear husband, partner, member of your family, or friend who doesn't knit happens to see your stash and gives you that look. Give them a look back that makes them cringe since you know full well you could have and would have an even bigger stash if you wanted. Especially when, you see this.

Words cannot begin to explain how excited I was to find this blog. My own stash pails in comparison, with two measly Rubbermaid boxes of yarn. I have 66 different yarns, thanks to them all being inventoried into my ravelry stash. Should the day come when my stash is as big as this one, I surely would have died and gone to yarn heaven.


Andrea said...


I think a stash that large would stress me out. It's not a stash, it's a yarn store! The room is bigger than my entire apartment!

Charlotte said...

As someone who doesn't like stashing in the first place, I am now hyperventilating! Could you even knit all that up in a life time??? It makes me want to have a clear out!

Carla said...

WOW! That reminds me of a Yarn Harlot story about stash.