Friday, November 30, 2007

Another Finished Object

Project Name: Work Gloves
Made For: Frost
Pattern: Free, "Ken" from Berroco
Yarn: Malabrigo Merino Wool, Colour: Olive, just 3/4's of a skein
Needle Size: 5.0mm dpn's
Casted On: November 17th
Bound Off: November 21st
Mods: (1)Basically made them to custom fit Frost's hands. If the pattern said to knit one finger 3 1/2 inches long, instead I made Frost try the glove on every few rows until his finger was covered with wool.
(2) Called work gloves, since Frost wanted the index finger of his right glove to be open at the top. This being so that when working outside on his computer in the winter, instead of having to take an entire mitten off, (thus making his entire hand cold) all he has to do now is pull down the open end to expose his index finger for trackpad use.
Comments: Love this pattern, it only took a few evenings to complete, and have since started a pair for myself. I also know a few other people from the purple purl's knit night who may also be working on or have finished already the same pattern, possibly in the same yarn (different colour). I didn't realize what an enabler I was. *blush*


Carla said...

Really? Gloves are quick to knit?

mjm knitting said...

These ones were. But my own are currently on the back burner in lieu of more important knitting that needs to be done first.