Sunday, November 04, 2007

Of course!

The day I decide to post a new entry on the blog, everything goes wrong.

First: Photoshop won't open after having installed the new OSX leopard (which I don't care for very much at the moment) "An unexpected and unrecoverable problem has occurred because of a program error" .... in other words..... Photoshop 7 and OSX Leopard are not compatible.

Second: The disk for photoshop is missing* (otherwise know as *borrowed* copy). So I reach into the closet of mass destruction and fish out my old ibook. Which has a working copy of photoshop on it as the operating system is an old OSX version. Using a memory stick to transfer the image of the current work in progress, I am able to color correct, resize, etc the image and transfer it back to newish computer.

Third: Blogger won't upload the -insert word of choice- photo! ARGH!

However flickr will, so a new image of my scrapalicious scarf is in my projects page on Ravelry but I got nothing for you to see here today.

Perhaps tomorrow.

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