Thursday, November 15, 2007

Spoils and Lots of Finished Objects

Another package arrived from Mystery Grrrl, last week.
I have been so busy with wedding plans that I didn't get a chance to post about it until today.

The package included
-a wonder woman comic book
-3 skeins of Misti Alpaca Lace yarn
-green beads
-halloween card
-handmade stitch markers

How great are these stitch markers? I think they rock.

Thanks again so much Mystery Grrrl!!!

As well I have some finished objects to share with you. Please note this remainder of this post may be a bit photo heavy. That's what happens when you neglect to sew in the ends of projects.

1st up is a bolero.
Mods: I made the length of the body longer since I preferred that it went past my waist. I continued the pattern until I only had enough yarn remaining for the edging.

I really like the sleeve detail:

2nd on my list of FO's is the dream in colour shrug:

3rd is my scarf size clapotis:

and last but not least is my scapalicious scarf. My first crochet project ever. Which has a story to go with it, but you will have to wait until tomorrow as blogger doesn't seem to want to upload any more of my photos today.

ALSO, The purple purl, which is the new local yarn shop in Leslieville will be opening it's doors in 40 minutes time. Don't forgot to go to their grand opening tonight from 5pm-10pm if you can make it.
Details of my adventure tomorrow.


Andrea said...

Nice shrug! We can match.

I like the longer length Bolero. I've been eyeing that pattern at LK, but I'm not sure on the short version, but maybe makng it longer....

LadyLungDoc said...

Sorry I missed you last night - stupid 401!

Charlotte said...

You'll have to call the bolero something else now that it goes past your waist. Maybe 'boleroooooooooo' ;-)

And can a scarf ever be too long?! I think not and agree with Frost and the Dr.Who thang!

Loving your work Ms McCaffrey!


Carla said...

Nice knits!

(I knit myself a teal bolero too, but mine's solid not varigated.)