Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Dress Update

I finished the first part of the dress last week and have started on the second part.
I am so very pleased and excited with the results.

I keep debating weather or not to put it up on ravelry now or wait until it's all finished.
Today I'm leaning more towards when it's finished, but yesterday was a whole different story.

Thanks to all you wonderful ladies who left comments about last weeks post. Truth be told I'm more worried about an end unraveling than not fitting into the dress. An extra ball of yarn, crochet hook, pins and scissors will be well close in hand on the big days.


Pirk said...

You are doing well with your dress.
It's going to look so great on you.

Team Knit ! said...

My personal vote is to see some of it- just because it sounds like such an amazing project! But i can understand why you would want to wait until it's done. Whatever you decide!!

- Julie

Opal said...

I'm with Julie. I would love to see a preview of the dress!