Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Some yarn for CPH

With the gift certificate Frost gave me to use at the Purple Purl for christmas, I finally managed to pick a yarn to make the infamous Central Park Hoodie. This is Galway Heather wool in a lovely shade of green.

Not that it will be on the needles just yet. I have a few knitted projects I am working on at home in my down time away from the dress just to keep me from going bonkers.

Current works on the knitting needles include,

A baby blanket for friends in the UK who had a baby girl at the beginning of December, which is also a stash busting project.

and a secret project, that was working out okay to begin with, but I am not 100% happy with how it's starting to pan out and may have to rip it back. Something I don't really want to do. Of course, since it's a secret, I can't show you photos until it's revealed to it's intended.

As for the dress, work is progressing well. I did a bit of a cock up on Sunday, but ripped back to the mistake instead of trying to fix the mistake and having it snowball. I had to rip out a row and a half, probably 4 to 5 hours worth of work, but I am okay with that. The wedding is at the end of August. It's not like it's in the next couple of months. I have plenty of time for these "learning curves".


Opal said...

That Galway is gorgeous! I so adore greens.

Sandi Purl said...

i love that you're making your own dress and that it currently lives at the purl. too cool. hope i get to see it one of these days!

Stashaholic said...

Hey You - that's the green I'm using for Rogue (if and when I ever get to it)...I knew I liked you for a reason - we both have the same exquisite taste in wool!

mjm knitting said...

Opal-It was a race between a blue/purple heather and the green. The green eventually won out and I am so happy. It's a fab colour.

Sandi-next time we see each other at the purl, i'll show you the dress. it was so busy in there for the roundtable i just forgot!

Sherri-so it's not just my crocheting abilities eh? cu Saturday!

Carla said...

The dress looks good so far, now that I've seen in. I won't breathe a word to Frost. Tell him I'm going to see the Super Furries in Feb!