Thursday, May 29, 2008

Insert shots from Alaska here you bugger

So I've spent the better part of the last two and a half hours going through 500+ photos of my trip to Alaska. Half the time wondering why I took so many photos. There are just to many to choose from. I was going to post a mere selection for the moment, as I have only cleaned up about 50 images so far, and what should happen? Blogger won't let me upload any of the photos. Argh! Sorry folks. Hopefully later this afternoon or tomorrow. Fingers crossed.


Sherri said...

That's why I gave up on blogger and free services - you get what you pay for ;-)

Love the pics so far - keep 'em coming!

Team Knit ! said...

Blogger wasn't letting me put any pictures up lat night, either! I had to hold off on my post until this morning- SO frustrating!

Can't wait to see your Alaska pics! Maybe a flickr link instead?

- Julie