Thursday, May 22, 2008

So Much Yarn Seattle

Here is the first group of photos of my Alaskan Adventure.
There are so many photos to go through, it may take a couple of posts before I get through everything.

The top row is the shop itself.
The second row is the shop owner's pet-an adorable French Bulldog named Phoebe.
The last row are the wonderful ladies I first met at the Seattle airport and fellow Sea Socks cruise mates.
From left to right-Dawn. Judy. Dawn and Meg. Meg

I realize now, thanks to Jacquie's comment, that the image in the previous post does look like a fountain it's so perfect.
Here's proof it really was waves in the pool because if the rough seas we were traversing.

(p.s. click on the images to make larger)


Carla said...

Pugs are so cute!

mjm knitting said...

I may be incorrect in that the dog is a pug. Boston Terrier perhaps??? Not sure, sorry for the misinformation

mjm knitting said...

Have been informed by a highly reliable source (thanks Jamie!) that Phoebe is a French Bulldog, not a pug as I first thought.

Dawn said...

Love, love, love! You are such a talent. Can't wait to see more of it through your eyes.

Carla said...

Whatever the breed, that's a cute doggie! See you soon!