Wednesday, July 09, 2008

If ever there was a reason....

why I need to stop buying yarn and start knitting it, well it happened tonight.

I added to ravelry, my 100th stashed item!

I have catalogued 100 balls of yarn, There's actually more than 100 balls of yarn in my 3 bins as some are multiples. GASP

Not to mention the few odds and sods that live in the corners and crevices of the bins.



Sherri said...

Wanna make a bet? ;-)

I saw your pictures - very nice!

Team Knit ! said...

I totally hear you- I haven't catalogued my stash for fear of proving what I have long suspected- that my stash could keep me happily knitting for 2 years without ever needing to buy another skein. But then, there are so many pretty yarns in the universe! Ah, the dilemma.

- Julie

cindi said...

2009!?! That's a very ambitious goal! I hope you're well, and that your wedding plans are going smoothly. It's HOT and smokey from fires here in Sacramento, so we're being lazy these days. Well, except for playing with our new puppy Lucy!

Anonymous said...

Eeeep! I wouldn't be able to last. Good luck MJ! That's why my Ravelry stash is like 13 balls... That way I don't feel guilty!