Wednesday, June 10, 2009

June Posting Commences

Apologies for the lack of posting for 10 days.

For 7 of those days, I was up north getting the blood sucked out of me by mosquitoes and black flies, and trying to stay out of the path of foxes and bears.

3 nights in tobermory and 4 nights in killarney is about as much camping as I'll ever be able to take. Next time only a max of 5 days and most likely not again until september when all my bites will be long lost memories.

On the house hunting front. I saw one I really liked just before we left but it was a tad too far from where we want to be location wise, and really wasn't THE ONE. Yesterday we saw 4 houses the first was rubbish, the second good, the third even better (although it only had two bedrooms) and the fourth my very favorite so far, even though they painted over all the woodwork, it was still underneath ready to be rediscovered. I am looking at a couple more by myself later on today with our real estate agent who is a dream.

I have some great shots from my camping expedition and will share with you some of them over the next couple of days.

Now to go unpick a cast off and finish the textured shawl that only took me a week to knit. 5 mm needles are the best i tell ya!!!

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