Thursday, September 17, 2009

The real Polly Jean

So there was a bit of confusion with the litter of puppies last week. There were two liver and white female puppies that we could choose from. One had a kink in it's tail, the other did not. Frost wanted a dog with it's tail still attached not one without a tail.

We were led to believe, the one we originally wanted, which has a white mark on it's arse, (what I refer to as an upside down heart) was the one with the kink in its tail, which needed to be docked. Since somewhere down the road it could have problems with a kinked tail getting caught in whatever blah blah blah.

Then, this afternoon the breeder sent us recent photos of the puppies including this one.

Clearly this dog has an upside down heart on it's arse and it's tail still attached.

It's a bit difficult to see, but the photo below was taken the day before all but one of the puppies got their tails removed. Polly Jean is on the outer right hand side and you can see has a very straight tail. Her sister on the opposite side, on the outer left hand side, has a kink in her tail. As does the male liver dog in the middle which is a bit easier to see.

Long story short we get the puppy we wanted all along complete with it's brown button nose!

There eyes are still closed and should open up by the end of the weekend.


cindi said...

Oh, my gosh! She's adorable! How exciting - a new house and a new puppy. I can't wait to see all of the pictures you'll take of her.

Team Knit ! said...

oooh, the cuteness! I'm really looking forward to the day you get her and your blog will be taken over with adorable puppy photos for a bit! So exciting to get a new family member!

- Julie

Ana Petrova said...

Nothing more fun and sweet than a new puppy. The puppy noises the snuggles it's the best.

Lise said...

Well, you know how I feel about getting a dog but MAN puppies are cute. Sooooooooooo cute. Remember that when he's chewing your new shoes and piddling on the rug :)