Wednesday, September 02, 2009

September already!?!

I can't believe how quickly August came and went.
With it being the 2nd of September already, its time to pull out fall projects that were on hiatus over the summer.
I finished my crocheted noro lap blanket yesterday, (Photos to come tomorrow) and just as soon as I finish my Eliina Shawl, (which is kicking my arse, as i've had to rip it back more times than I can count), I will start again on my Garnet Muse sweater.

I might even have a cunning plan brewing in my noggin. Last night at knit night while conversing with a fellow knitter, we were talking about the upcoming KW Fair, and I was saying how I never actually wear a knitted garment to these shows. The KW fair is in 10 days. I will be spending most of my time today working solely on the eliina shawl. The shawl needs to be done soon or else I will throw it in the bin in a fit of rage and that will be the end of it. I am just a tad shawled out at the moment. However starting tomorrow, I just might attempt to knit the remainder of my sweater in 9 days. It is a pullover, and knit all in one piece, so it is doable. Am I too crazy to even attempt this? Only time will tell.

And just so that this post isn't photo-less, here is a picture of the swag I acquired at the stitch and pitch last week.

The blue red heart yarn will be donated, as I am not a fan of it's 100 percent acrylic content. One ball of the sassy stripes was in my loot bag as was a green and black ribbon yarn which I gave a way to the knitter sitting beside me at the ball game. She had the same yarn in her loot bag but her ball was white and black so I told her she could have mine as I don't like ribbon yarn. As for the scoring the second ball of sassy striped yarn, another knitter was giving away all the yarn she didn't want and that's how I got it. It wasn't til afterwards that I realized it too was 100% acrylic but I figured I could make something for someone out of it and better to have two balls than just one. Plus I do like the colourway. The patterns are a mix of good, bad and just pain fugly, but it was a loot bag and thus free and really a lot of work went into getting this stuff in the first place so I am quite chuffed.

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Team Knit ! said...

I didn't go to the Stitch n Pitch this year, and your swag makes me regret that!! And go for it- you can finish a sweater in 9 days, as long as you can knit at work, right??

- Julie