Monday, January 13, 2014

Training for Derby

My 2014 season of roller derby starts in just under two weeks and I'm so excited. We've been in our off season since the beginning of November and in that time I've gone back to bootcamp at a new fantastic fitness centre in the area. The best part is that while I work out, one of the owners watches G for $2. That's right 2 bucks! How can I not work out at that price. Sometimes G is the only child there and other times there can be up to half a dozen kids ranging in age up to 6 years.

My goal during the off season was to get back into off skates work out so that I'm not just relying on roller skating for my weekly exercise. I will of course continue with bootcamp (1-2x a week) trx (1x a week) and a new class on sunday mornings call the NY challenge with is part core training part bootcamp.

This month we have a kettle bell finisher challenge optional at the end of each class. The goal is to improve on your own time. I'm happy to report that I've done this three times now. My first time was 2 minutes 35 seconds, then I got 2 minutes 23 seconds and yesterday I got 2 minutes 03 seconds. My next goal is to get under the 2 minute mark and then switch to the heavier kettle bell weights of the blue and yellow combo. My current times are with the pink and blue combo.

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