Friday, May 26, 2006

Heart of Gold

I have to admit. I've got the best secret pal. Today in the mail I received a "Moving emergency Preparedness Kit", in lieu of my upcoming move, at the end of this month. Including, drum roll please, a magic wand!!!!, crying towel, bath salts, hot rocks and mellow cd. Everything a girl needs to get through the process of moving house and home. Will keep you posted on how well the magic wand works. I am assuming it won't be functional until the actual day of the move, as I have wished and waved it a few times already and nothing so far has happened. My secret pal certainly has a heart of gold, you rock girl!!!

1 comment:

Tundra! said...

The wand might only work if you are wearing ruby slippers that you click together while saying "I wish this move was over, I wish this move was over".

If worst comes to worst, it probably has at least 45 seconds worth of cat amusement.