Friday, May 05, 2006

Latest Update

Okay so I finally finished filling out my Secret Pal 8 questionnaire. See previous post.

I have found a local SnB that I will try my best to attend next week as long as work doesn't go too late. I found a huge community of knitters in my area with the help of the internet. The group which is based in the city has over 700 members. They have weekly SnB nights all over the city that you can attend on a drop in basis and with one in almost every neighborhood there is no reason not to go out and meet some fellow knitters with whom you can swap patterns and stories with.

I have almost finished the purple furry purse from hell. Both sides have been knitted, thank goodness, after almost pulling all my hair out with this project. They look to be the same size but I won't really know until I start sewing it together. I know that the second side I did has the correct number of stitches because I had to pull it out and start over a couple of times. The first side I have no idea since after casting on the required number of stitches I didn't really take much notice to how many stitches I'd have after completing a row since I was so frustrated with the yarn. Now all I need to do if find some yarn that will match to sew it together and buy some handles. There were some supplied with the kit, however, clear and sparkly handles are just not me. I think a nice pair of black or brown will suit the purse and me a lot better. ( I suspect that since it was my boyfriend who gave me the kit, a couple christmas' ago, as well as a similar kit to his sister, the handles got switched by accident. Well that's my reasoning for buying new handles.)

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cfknits said...

As the sister of your boyfriend (who is now laughing out loud), I also suspect the handles got switched! How funny! I'd offer to send you mine, but I don't fancy my chances of removing them, I had so much trouble getting them there in the first place that I had to get someone else to do it for me!