Friday, June 16, 2006

Back in Business

Finally we have the internet back. After moving we had a phone line but no high speed internet. Dial up is way too slow for anyone. When we couldn't get proper customer service from our current phone and internet company (BELL, who are stupid idiots-sorry to anyone who works there) we switched to another company. So I now have a new email address. Which I will email to everyone in the next day or two. If I forget to send you the new address let me know.

The house is all in order, save for a few photos to be hung on the wall. So now it is time to get back to knitting. Which I did for almost two hours last sunday morning while listening to coronation street. I have yet to master the art of not looking at my knitting progress while watching tv. I am still only on the first piece of the sweater but it is coming along nicely. After posting and checking on a couple other things online I plan to knit some more tonight in the hopes of finishing the first piece. Keep your fingers crossed.

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Tundra! said...

Don't forget to send your new email to mysecretpaladdress !!