Sunday, July 09, 2006

Current Dilemma: Knit or Yoga

So there are two knitting groups that i have joined in the last little while but my problem is this....Both have their knitting night gettogether on Wednesday night. Now to add even more to the mix, my summer yoga classes are on Wednesday nights.

What's a girl to do? Yoga has been paid for so i don't want to miss any classes, but at the same time, I yearn to go to my first knitting club meeting. (I am getting close to having to shape the neck on my jumper and need moral support, as I'm petrified of F%#KING it up.)

Wednesday is just way too popular these days.

However, not to fret, I have found a solution. While searching blogs this afternoon, I came across the Knitty Magazine, (LOVE IT) and subsequently the Knitty blog. (Can't create links on my posts like everyone else because i use a mac, but can have links in the sidebar section, which for now, is alright with me.-sorry i digress) What did i find?...a knitting group that meets on a FRIDAY night. Happening THIS Friday. I THINK I can make it to that one. Just hope nobody calls to book work for Friday. What are the chances of that happening? Very high in my case, as I work freelance. Wish me luck.

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Tundra! said...

See, it all works out eventually!
(which just so happens to be a cool project on Knitty - check the archives)