Monday, July 10, 2006

Jumper is 50% Complete

So I just finished the 2nd piece (front) of the jumper I am knitting myself. (Insert BIG GRIN here)

I will wait until tomorrow to post photos.

I did have the help of a test shaping swatch, that I whipped up earlier today and used as my guide, to make sure that the finished piece would be done correctly, with the decreasing of stitches on each side of the scoop neckline.

Now to tackle the sleeves.

Just to reiterate, the pattern from this jumper is from Debbie Stollers Stitch and Bitch Book.


Tundra! said...

Check out what will be arriving at Lettuce Knits soon:

mjm knitting said...

Can't seem to view that link tundra.

Tundra! said...

try going to the blog: and check the July 3 entry.

mjm knitting said...

Such pretty sock yarn. I am going to lettuce knit for the first time today. I doubt it will have arrived yet but one can cross her fingers. I have yet to make any socks, and will have to add them to my "to knit" list.