Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Second SP8 Package

Today, when I got home from work this was waiting for me on the front steps:

The first thing I noticed when I opened the box was the smell of lavender. Actually I opened the card first and just about died laughing. It's way too cute. Inside the card, my SP mentioned that all the goodies inside are to keep me cool during the hot T.O. summer. It's none to late as the last two days have been the worst so far this summer. I love earl grey tea, so I am sure to love lavender earl grey tea just as much. (Off to put on the kettle, just a sec..............okay back now) Up next was this box titled Feathered Frog Essentials, inside are four Chocolate Bath Candy, they too, smell divine, almost good enough to eat, except for the huge DO NOT EAT! posted in the directions. (kettle boiled....tea currently steeping) A bar of lavender soap from the same Feathered Frog company, the culprit making the 4 balls of merino yarn smell so lovely. Now the only thing I'm not sure of is the beautiful asian inspired mini kimono pouch that the soap came in. Tell me secret pal, what's it for? Thank you so much secret pal, you did an amazing job once again.

My yarn stash is getting a bit out of hand. I may have to buy a new container to hold all the lovely yarn I am accumulating, or else get my butt in gear and start knitting. I am pleased to say all the pieces for the jumper are complete. All I have to do now is sew them up.

Lavender tea....yummy...especially in my cat mug from the first package my SP sent me. I usually prefer milk and honey in my teas (even in herbal tea...I know I am strange), however today is all about the tea being clear so that I can taste the lovely lavender influence....so refreshing. Thanks SP!!!!!


Tundra! said...

Kimono can be used as a cell phone holder, or as a mini purse/wallet. Or you could maybe carry DPNs around in it, in case of an emergency.

mjm knitting said...

silly me.... that's so cool.
my cell phone fits perfectly, so i will be using it as my new cell phone holder.
thanks again
big hug

Tundra! said...

Hey! I finally saw Tuesday! The computer at work must have the right programming!

cfknits said...

I just saw your nominationg for best Secret Pal! Well done you!!!

cfknits said...

Oops, didn't finish that, it should have said:

well done you for making sure your SP gets the recognition she deserves.


Annarella said...

Mmmm smelly packages... they're lovely, aren't they? Chocolate scented bath candy... I'm not sure I'd resist the temptation of having a taste (will admit to having tasted chocolate bath cream before... not what's cracked up to be, I tell you!! ;)