Saturday, July 15, 2006

LYS Excursion & First SnB Night

So far since my last post, I have completed one sleeve, (Knitted in less than three days), and am about half way with the second sleeve. Jumper is nearing completion and I have decided not to post any more photos of the damn thing until I can wear it.

On Thursday I went to two knitting stores.
The Knit Cafe, where I bought some wool for my secret pal and for myself. Then onto Lettuce Knit for what else, more wool, and some No. 3 (3.25mm) bamboo DPN and circular needles length 24".

It was my first trip to Lettuce Knit and despite the crazy cat lady who was fondling the sales girl's cat, I will definitely go back again. Of course their was so much lovely wool that I had to force myself to buy only wool for upcoming projects, and not just because it was pretty. I can honestly say that I have a very small stash of wool only because I know how out of hand it can get and do not wish to go there.

I went to my first SnB, last night. I was very nervous since I knew absolutely no one and am very shy when lots of people are around. Also it didn't help that I was preoccupied with my knitting, while trying to drink beer and be a part of some of the conversations around me. (Kudos to the girl who finished her mitten, she knits crazy fast!) Everyone was really sweet, and hopefully they don't think of me as the silent knitting snob because I can be really fun and outgoing after I get to know people and am more comfortable around them. I will be at the next one, that's for sure.


Diane said...

Pleased to hear that you made it out to a SnB night. It is a great time to get out and meet other people who are have the same finish a WIP

Yvette said...

Hey, it was great meeting you last night and I hope we see you again soon. I got a nice photo of you which I will post either on my blog or the Team Canada blog. Hope you don't mind being on the internets!

mjm knitting said...

Thanks Diane, I did have fun.

Hi Yvette, no I don't mind being on the internet, as long as my cheeks aren't too rosey from the alchool I consumed the other night.


cfknits said...

Knitting groups are fun, but I have to agree that it is hard to chat and knit - especially when you are a beginner like you and me. I just went to a London knitting group which was fun!

I'm very jealous of all your yarn stores, I guess its coz you live in a city, you better take my Mum to all of them when she is over (and don't forget to hint when you see things you think I might like ;-)