Sunday, August 20, 2006

Good Luck

I was looking at posts on the knitty coffeeshop board and found one by Fearless Fibers.

She's having a contest over at her blog. With the prize being not only the pattern, but the wool as well to make a felted bag with some very lovely yarn.

Although I'm sure not to win because the rule is to tell the dumbest knitting mistake you've ever made, and i don't have enough items knitted to tell a really great tale. I thought I'd give those of you who check out my blog to check out her blog and enter her contest as well if you want.

As for my dumbest mistake so far, that i wish to enter: thinking that adding a "bunch more" stitches to an infant sized hat pattern would make it large enough to fit the bf's adult size head. Yeah. It didn't fit. It was just a tad too small.

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Purl Needlemeyer said...

I could write a blog just about my own stupid mistakes. I call it Knitting Gone Bad. I'll check out the contest.