Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Pears, Pies and Packages

Have I mention we have a pear tree in our back garden? I picked a few yesterday, although they are not quite ripe enough yet, as the one I ate gave me heartburn. In a few weeks, they should be ready for the pear and ginger crumble I found.

I baked this beauty for dessert last night. Chocolate and pecan pie. There is still 3/4's left over if you fancy coming over for some tea and pie.

I sent off my final sp8 package and one to my pal for the favorite color swap tonight. I won't be showing the packages in case one of my pals reads my blog, however here instead is a photo of Tuesday lying on top of all the odds and ends of the wrapping used.


Tundra! said...

I won't be in Toronto until September 9th, so you might as well finish the pie without me.

Anonymous said...

you must be impatient for the one from me, am dying to send it but i have to wait for payday (monday) hope you can hold out that long!

Fakey MacBloggish

Anonymous said...

Make sure the pear and ginger crumble is ready for me on September 11th when I am over my flight.
BF's Mum xxx

Jo said...

ooh! I'll come over for the pie ;) Did you make it yourself? It looks scrumptious.

cfknits said...

how come BF's mum, who incidentally is my mum can comment on your blog but not mine???!!! No fair!!!

BTW, I think you've used an image that is too large and knocked your side bar to the bottom. I've done it before and large images are usually the culprit. I use about 300pixel size now which seems ok...

BF's sister xxx

mjm knitting said...

tundra-too bad, we will have to meet up when you are in town,since you've been such an awesome pal

fakey-no worries, if only payday was everyday.

Mum-i will have one ready for your arrival. any other requests?

Jo-Yes the pie is all homemake-crust too

Sis-it's the brown hair, what can i say, she loves me more. ;-) as for the side bar at the bottom everything looks ok on safari, must be your pc, but i will investigate.

Sheri at The Loopy Ewe said...

Just wandered over to your blog. The pie looks wonderful and your cat is adorable! (Love the name!) :-)

mjm knitting said...

hi sheri.
yup the pie was yummy.
tuesday's brother lenix is waiting patiently for his reaveal. coming soon i promise
thanks for visiting-hope you come back-now off to check out your website/blog

Dipsy D. said...

These pears look so tasty! I have to admit, I have a knack for not-really-ripe pears, I love them best that way, but of course always end up feeling pretty sick - oh well, some people never learn :)
Your pie looks absolutely yummy - hmmm... can I come over and have a slice of it? Or all? ;))) Then again, I suppose there's nothing left of it anymore, it must have been too good!

Batty said...

Yum, pie! Yum, yum, yum!
And the kitty looks so very cuddly. Wish I had a kitty. Can I come over for some kitty petting and pie?

tundrah said...

Speaking of packages, yours should be there any day now!!
Are ya excited? Are ya? Are ya?
Poke Poke Poke.

Knitty_Prof said...

Tuesday is so beautiful. He is so colorful. I love cats!

ZantiMissKnit said...

That pie looks incredible!!! I should make some sometime, but then I'd eat it all. ;-)

I have a recipe for spiced pear cake -- I think I got it off It's always well received, and a good way to use up those pears!