Sunday, September 03, 2006

Camping Trips Pros and Cons

So since last weeks spur of the moment camping trip will most likely be this years one and only, there were some great highlights to the trip.

1. I peed in the forest. (Now if we were ever to go portage camping I won't have a problem)

2. Food cooked by fire is the best. We discovered that fire roasted zucchini tastes really good.

3. S'mores.

4. Walking around in the forest with a map does not necessarily mean that the path you follow is correct and won't take you in one long misguided loop. So that you end up in the exact place you started from and not on the other side of the drumlin closer to your campsite. We hiked for almost two hours, I was not about to try the map again so we walked back to camp via the dirt road. Don't get me wrong it was fun none the less.

5. Taking oodles of pictures.

6. The big Dipper and Ursa Minor (aka Little Bear)

7. Finding a wool shop in Warkworth Ontario The Bees Knees I purchased some 3.5mm single pointed Brittany needles, two skeins of Manos del Uruguay Wool (color 04, which is a lot bluer than the photo makes it look) and my very own copy of One Skein.

8. Knitting and Reading

9. Spending time with NJFV

1. Being that it was such a spur of the moment trip we forgot to take pillows. Oops


Me said...

oh I love this post and the last photo of you and BF is perfect :o) camping in a tent without pillows -ouch- next the pillows will go into the car before the beer - right LOL LOL ??? Shelley your SP8 pal xo

OldLadyPenPal said...

hiya! you won a prize from my book title guessing game! i've got my email address on my bolg if you want to send me your address. :)

mjm knitting said...

me? won a prize? no way! awesome! i am sending you an email asap

what's even better about the last photo in this post is that the one NJFV took turned out great. I will have to hang the pair together in the flat somewhere, when I can get them printed off and some frames for 'em.