Saturday, September 02, 2006

Final SP8 Package

After waiting an entire summer and getting spoiled rotten by my secret pal, the final package was waiting in the hallway when I returned home from camping Wednesday night. It's taken a few days to get the photos sorted. Upon arriving home, I started uploading onto the computer the 153 photos taken from the trip, only to have the batteries die half way through the process. With no other batteries charged I had to wait another day before loading the remaining camping trip images which also included those taken of my final sp8 gift box. Enough said here's what was inside.

Raspberry Chocolate Sauce, Key Lime Mint Summer Sparkles Drink Mix, The Summer Edition of FC easy Knitting (with loads of great patterns and helpful hints inside), A Cardigan/Pullover Pattern, a Flower Light Kit (note the petals on the magazine are part of it)

Note cards, two placemat (with floral embroidery on one side), a handmade washcloth (to which i would love to know the pattern), a proper tape measure, and a seashell which contained the clue to where I could find my secret pal's website.

Last but not least, some beautiful HANDSPUN 100% merino plied with pure silk wool, along with a pattern for a change purse from my secret pal's friend Kristen in Chicago. Now my question is- since the wool is a white/neutral color is it possible to dye the wool or not? I'm thinking it could be done or should I leave it as is? (Ideas please)

So who is this fabulous, generous lady who's being spoiling me rotten during the summer. Well I am happy to say that her name is Lisa and she can be found at purl this. As well she'll be visiting Toronto in the fall and we're going to meet in person. How cool is that? Thanks Lisa, I had so much fun with sp8 that I've signed up for the next round.


Michelle said...

Lisa was my secret pal for one skein sp exchange..I will be meeting with you in toronto too!

the kitchener bitch said...

Glad to know you like the handspun! You can dye it if you like or leave it natural... just use an acid dye, Wilton's, or KoolAid - anything that works on wool should work on the silk. Happy knitting!
- Kristen

LadyLungDoc said...

The washcloth pattern was from Mason Dixon knitting. This link is to a pattern that looks the same:
The pattern is printed on the ball band on the cotton used to knit the things, so I don't think the link infringes on any copyrights.

mjm knitting said...

thanks lady lung doc. Looking forward to meeting you.

I think i will dye the wool with kool aid. Not sure what colour yet.