Friday, September 01, 2006

My first MEME

Accent--Ottawa valley as in "don't yah know eh?"
Book I like--Knitting Books are No. 1 at the mo, but I love books
Chore I don't care for--cleaning the bathroom
Dog or cat-- both
Essential electronics--mobile
Favorite movies--Amelie, A Very Long Engagement, Kung Fu Hussle, Hero,
Gold or silver--Silver
Handbag I carry most often--knapsack for work. It's a treat to carry a handbag.
Insomnia--Not very often
Job title-- photographer/photo assistant
Kids--Not yet
Living arrangements--boyfriend, tank full of fish and two cats in rented flat
Most memorable moment/time--traveling anywhere:Brazil, UK, Ireland, Canada
Naughtiest childhood behavior--don't care to share
Overnight hospital stay--tonsils removed at age 5,
Phobias-- snakes and spiders
Religion--non practicing Lutheran
Siblings--younger brother
Time I wake up--workday-7am, day off anytime between 8-10am
Unusual talent--nada
Vegetable I refuse to eat--like 'em all
Worst habit--chocolate
X rays--broken hand age 18
Yummy stuff I cook(or make)-- chocolate pecan pie, butter tarts, bakery items
Zoo animals I like most--the big cats-leopards, tigers, lions, cheetahs. Although going on safari would be much more preferable than going to the zoo

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