Friday, November 10, 2006

Three WIP's

Yes, you read that right.
I have three knitting works in progress.
Not that it means, I've become super fast at knitting.
Although I am now holding my needles in the proper English manner.

The first WIP-a wrap, shown below, will be on the backburner for a bit. As I have run out of yarn for this project and refuse to purchase any more until some of my stash has been depleted.

The second WIP-goldielocks shawl is a replacement for the wrap so that I am at least knitting something for me.

The third WIP-a proper sized hat for the bf. I'd been hoping to have it done for his birthday which was in october and now that the cold weather is upon us if I don't start it soon he most likely will not be wearing it this season.


LadyLungDoc said...

Don't feel bad about having 3 WIPs - I have 4 scarve WIPs alone! Soon to be 5, because the Sale Yarn Gift Scarf is about to be frogged and restarted AGAIN!!

Me said...

Your WIP are great - I love the colors - keep knitting you BF hat will be done in no time :o)

Carla said...

So much pretty blue yarn! I especially love the colour of the hat. And yay for knitting something for yourself!