Thursday, November 09, 2006

First SP9 Package

My wonderful SP9 pal who lives in the UK, sent me this awesome blue themed package.


...and after

Found within the lovely wrapped items were,
-two tea lights
-two skeins of silkwood yarn
-tiny 2.5mm sock dpns
-sock pattern
-cat mug
-cat treats
-the sanctuary spa home hand treatment
-a Laurel Burch cat printed pouch
-ylang and neroli shower gel
-a skein of hand dyed yarn from the Knitted Goddess, 100% silk and hand dyed on the Isle of Man

My next project to add to my WIP's will be my first ever socks using the silkwood yarn.
Thank you so very much.


Shelby said...

Great package!! I love seeing what you guys are getting!

Jinxsa said...

My kitty Sammy is Manx which were bred on the Isle of Man it hold a special place in my heart for that. Awesome gifts, what pattern are you going to do for the socks.