Friday, December 29, 2006


I am currently in the south west of England. Dorset to be exact. The last couple of days I've been climbing hills. Iron age era hill forts to be honest. Eggardon Hill and Maiden Castle. My face is a bit wind burnt but the weather is so mild it's well worth it. Lots of photos too but I will wait until I am home in Canada before posting any. Sorry I will get back to the topic at hand....

On a shopping excursion in Dorchester yesterday, Frost, aka the bf, pointed out the yarn upstairs sign. I'd found my first yarn-candy store. Not only did it have a line of debbie bliss, but also some Noro, Laines du Nord, and some english alpaca blends. I don't spin but it was a spinners haven. It has a great selection of wheels and unspun yarn as well as natural dyes. Also a huge selection of knitting books. I came away with a small amount of wool. Only three skeins but I think I may have to go back to that shop before heading home.

I don't think the shop has a website but if you are ever in Dorchester, check out Frank Herring & Sons Art and Craft Shop
27 High West Street

Tomorrow we are off to Exeter, where i have located another wool shop, Inspirations. Hopefully they will have some great finds as well.

I've finished the knitting of the one skein clutch, now all that needs to be done is to use Papa's top loading washer to felt the bugger.


Batty said...

Yarn upstairs. That's lovely. Why can't we have signs like that in random places???

Charlotte said...

Consider yourself tagged!

Hope Brighton is fun, looking forward to seeing your new yarn!