Saturday, December 23, 2006

I'm in love....

....with Addi needles that is.

The few stores around where I am staying in the UK, aren't stocked well with the newest of knitting supplies. I was looking for a pair of needles to start on the clutch from the one skein book of patterns, and ended up ordering them on-line from loop in London. I ordered the 10mm round 60mm long needles on Wednesday evening and this morning Mr. Postman delivered them. Now they seemed quite reasonable at £5.50 and with the shipping charge of £2.00 ended up costing £7.50 or $17.00 Canadian. I'd say it's a deal eh?

At some point on this holiday, I will set out on a knitting store adventure. Including The Knit Tin, Loop and a couple other I have discovered to be in and around Brighton. I am sure their is another shop in London I am forgetting at the moment. Also I have researched where the knitting stores in Paris, France are located as we will be there for a long weekend at the beginning of January.

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LadyLungDoc said...

If you are picking up any more addis, get the longest length that you can; you can just use the magic loop technique if you need short ones.