Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Posting from the UK

I arrived in the uk yesterday for the holidays.

There was a bit of turbulance on the plane on the way over. The most annoying lasted only a few minutes but was enough to make a few women scream and freak out the gentleman sitting behind us. Holding onto our seat for dear life and saying "make it stop, make it stop" is just not proper airplane ettiquette.

I finally finished my shawl last night and will post a photo as soon as possible.
I am now working on my final christmas present. It's yet another scarf and I have fallen in love with the wool/alpaca blend.


Anonymous said...

So I can blame you for the sudden drop in temperature, today has been the first proper cold day we've had over in UK. Hope you got ur e-card and your parcel should be with you shortly. SP9

Batty said...

I hate people who do this on airplanes! Once, we were waiting to take off, and there was some mechanical trouble. They said they were going to fix it, but this lady behind me was talking to another passenger who happened to be a pilot. Her questions, loud and repeated several times, were things like, "Yes, but what if it doesn't work? No, really, what happens if it doesn't work?"

I'm terrified of flying as it is. When they let us off the plane to wait at the airport, I couldn't get back on and ended up getting a hotel room in Philly at 2 am -- probably way more dangerous than flying.

Rude people suck. Hope you have a great time in the UK and no rude fellow passengers on the way back!