Thursday, March 08, 2007

Needle Saga

I finally broke my first knitting needle. Of course it had to be one from my very first pair I ever purchased. I am sure it occurred because I had been complaining the night before about them because of the difficulty in seeing the stitches when working with dark yarn on dark wooden needles.

It wasn't my brute strength which snapped the needle in two, nor do I have a great tale of how the incident occurred involving a dog, a very large dog. I simply got up to do something and sat back down on my needle when I returned to the couch. Yes the needle committed suicide! Of course i was determined not to loose such needle so quickly as it had helped me to make my first ever knitted item. So into Frost's office I went in search of crazy glue. I succeeded in crazy gluing my fingers to the needle, but luckily not to each other, resulting in some varnish from the needle being stuck on my fingers. At which point Iran to the bathroom to wash said fingers with soap and water and then finally with toothpaste assuming that would help get the varnish off. (Don't ask me why I used toothpaste-I know it's good for getting black scuff marks off leather shoes so why not my fingers ???????). The fingers in question felt a bit odd for a while, and at least were not sticky. No varnish or glue can be seen on them today. Thank goodness.

Back to the needles.... I wrapped scotch tape around the broken needle for extra protection, and proceeded to attempt to knit with the needle a half hour ago. Unfortunately the stitches, only with extreme force will pass over the scotch tape and I am not taking the chance of having the needle snap in two while working on the knitted item I'm working on at the moment for two reasons: (1) the item is almost finished, and (2) knowing my luck it would break and I'd loose a bunch of stitches, thus having to start the entire project all over again.

That being said I am off to the Naked Sheep for some new light wood 4.0 mm knitting needles.


Carla said...

uck, I remember breaking a Brittany needle and being so bummed out. A rite of passage!

Wood glue did the trick for me, I let it sit, clamped for a while and I think I sanded it.

mjm knitting said...

wood glue eh? will have to try that, as i have yet to chuck out the broken needle