Thursday, March 01, 2007

Top Ten

These are my favorite photos of this years trip to the UK.


Eggardon Hill

Maiden Castle

Le Tour Eiffel

Ashridge Park

Beachy Head

Colmer's Hill



Lake Simcoe


Kyndra said...

Mel, these are AMAZING photos! You are a great photographer! Those pics make me want to get on a plane and go see the real things RIGHT NOW!

Batty said...

Amazing photos! I particularly like Maiden Castle. So lush and yet not quite real-looking. Like some kind of fairy hill.

Carla said...

Nice! Was there a photo with a heart-shaped something you were going to post later?

mjm knitting said...

Thanks Kendra for your kind words.

Since Maiden Castle is the land where once an Iron Age Hill Fort once stood it does have some eerieness to it. The best however, are the incredible views of Dorset which can be seen for miles and miles from the top of it.

Carla- I don't remember, but I'll have a look!