Monday, April 30, 2007

Secret Pal Meeting

Last summer I joined a swap called the Favorite Color Swap. My upstream pal, was Debbie, who lives in Medicine Hat, Alberta. She and I have become very good friends over the net. When Debbie decided to come to Toronto for this year's Knitter's Frolic, plans were made to meet in person. Of course I forgot my camera to take pictures of us when our first meeting occurred at last Wednesday's SnB Night at Lettuce Knits. However I didn't forget to bring it to the Frolic. Ian, who is Debbie's best friend and Yarn Boy Extraordinaire(!), took this photo of us. It's a little soft around the edges but worst of all was that I had it on the wrong white balance setting. Therefore I am posting the photo of us, (Debbie on the left, me on the right) in black and white.

As well, Debbie gave me a beautiful wine bottle holder, (on the left hand side of the photo below), which contained all sorts of goodies. Okay so the Wonder Woman notepad didn't technically fit. Also there should be five Lindt Chocolate Lambs in the photo but I ate them before taking this photo.

I just can't wait to get to work on Debbie's Hogwarts Socks so I can spoil her as wonderfully as she has done for me.
Thanks Debbie for being such a great friend and yarn enabler.

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Carla said...

There you are! That's a great photo, I like the colour tone. It's so great to meet Internet friends! How did knitters ever meet each other before the Internet?

Great swap loot!!!