Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Knitters Frolic 2007

This is saturday morning in a nutshell:

6:30 am Awake, shower, dress
7:15 am Check Broadway Bus Schedual. Realize buses only run every half hour on saturday at quarter past and quarter too
7:25 am Run out of house remembering shoes, rain jacket, yarn and needles for workshop, and to lock the front door
7:30 am Get on 501 streetcar heading west
7:36 am Get off at queen and broadview hoping streetcar to station will arrive soon (why I didn't go to Yonge station and take the subway to Eglington was an afterthought)
7:50 am Get on streetcar heading to broadview station
7:55 am Arrive at broadview station. notice lady knitting, sit down beside her and start chatting. (lovely to have met you Louise)
8:10 am 100 Flemington Bus arrives
8:35 am Arrive at knitters frolic location
8:45 am Get sidetracked by yarn as it's en-route to my class up stairs.
9:00 am Free Form Knitting Class with Debbie New. Breathtaking quilt. I am in heaven

12noon to 4pm Shopping and browsing,

My Loot......

louet gem yarn.....gryffindor socks perhaps???

candian classic orion colourway....

a close up to do the yarn colour justice.....

new sock needles size 2.75mm.....

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Carla said...

Great day! I was out of town and had to miss it again :-(