Friday, June 15, 2007

Dream IN Color

Dream in color yarn seems to be the new knitting yarn to have on the block at the moment. On the yarn crawl last weekend, I was going to get some at Lettuce Knits, but none of the colours they had left in stock appealed to me. Luckily enough I was home today when I knew Michelle would be uploading her shipment at the shop. I was able to order three colour. I've nabbed these photos from the shop. Which were taken by Michelle. I hope that's okay. As I wanted to look at the colours while I wait for the shipment to arrive.

I want to make the shrug from the pattern I picked up last weekend. I couldn't decide if I wanted to make one with the Cool Fire (pink) or the Deep Sea Flower (blue) yarn. So I got two skeins of each. The Dusky Aurora (multicolored) of which I only got one skein if for the free pattern hat they have on the Dream in Color website.

Rochelle asked in the comments how I was able to upload the photos from the last post, and this post now, as I did. It's using a tool from Flickr called Mosaic Maker. Here's the link.


Andrea said...

Cool Fire is what I used. I really like the blue too.

Michelle said...

I just finished packing your order...I really love the colours! I am sad to see the big box go, but I guess there will be more.
No problem about the photos...steal away

Carla said...

Decisions! So does that mean you're going to make the shrug in both colours?

btw: you can also make collages from digital photos with