Tuesday, June 12, 2007


I was on the central team and started the day at Alterknits on St Clair West.

Here we have, starting at the top left: Carla, Andrea, Carla and Emily discussing wool, and she who's name I don't remember, but she had a cool t-shirt and was making a dishcloth out of cotton chenille.

This is my favourite shot. The camera crew, two York University Students who followed us around the entire day.

My purchases of the day. Two books from Knitomatic on sale for $10 each, and the famous dream in color shrug pattern which Lenix decided to chew on. The bugger. The pattern is still readable.

No yarn purchases, since I knew Michelle would have my prize from her clickity contest. I was very excited to have won, and was really shocked when she handed me the bag of yarn which included 2 skeins of Silky Wool, and 1 skein each of Sweet Georgia, Cyberfiber and Scout yarns. Thanks so much Michelle!

This is the sock I was working on during the day. I made a few mistakes on the K1P1 cuff pattern and had to knit back a few times.

Here is a teaser of JInxsa's sock. Only the toe to knit on sock B and these babies will be done.


Andrea said...

Nice pics!

I'm coveting your sweet sheep prize. And I did order the mystery dyer yarn on Sunday.

Knittinggarden said...

I agree! The yarn from Michelle is beautiful, and you totally deserve it for being so kind and helping me get my links going a couple of weeks ago.

Em said...

It was great to meet you there! I'm terribly envious of your beautiful yarn-prizes -- lucky you!

Yosemite said...

I like your pictures and the yarn is simply yummy. How do you get the pictures to line up like that?

Carla said...

That was a great day. Nice post, pretty colours! I like your new avatar over there, too. Is that you in your new garden chair?

Fibre Floozie said...

Yarn yummy, I tried your suggestion about riding a stationary bike while knitting and I sweat into my seasilk, think I will just give up and try yogic knitting.